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By: Melanie Roberts

The University of Saint Mary hosted their annual student activity fair on Wednesday, August 29th at the Active Learning Center. This opportunity allows students to find what best interests them starting the 2018-2019 school year. There are over 20 plus clubs and organizations for students to learn about and possibly join.

Students have the chance to stop by tables set up promoting clubs and organizations to join. Everyone at Saint Mary can find an organization that fits them, and if not, they are encouraged to create one they believe should be added to the list of twenty-eight clubs and organizations. They vary from gaming club to student government association.

All clubs are arranged by students who are thoroughly involved in making the club successful and a family for students to be a part of.  In addition, being student-run, each club must have a faculty member be their advisor.

Freshman Shannon Stovall shares her experience, “It really showed me how many opportunities you have to become involved and a part of something here at Saint Mary. All the upperclassman and leaders were super friendly and welcomed me into everything.”

Clubs meet weekly or monthly collaborating on ideas to keep the program fully engaged throughout the busy school year.

Encouraging students to get involved with the university, organizers of this year’s fair created a checklist for students. Saint Marians eagerly signed up for clubs they were interested in, in hopes of winning a gift card.

To learn more details about clubs and organizations offered at USM visit the university’s website,


Melanie Roberts is a sophomore at the University of Saint Mary and majoring in digital communications.